Women in Charge Series

Pradhan – Mountain traditions run deep in her veins, and yet she desires progress for her family and community.

Respect – Hair that shined in the morning light, ruddy cheeks, small eyes, and full lips. Their gaze, she knew, rested on her.

Mother – They pounced on her with violent affection, and she took them in her arms, and her heart was heavy with emotion.

Dreams – Where did my childhood go, she asked herself, looking at her hands, rugged from the washing, the cooking, the farming, the stitching, the chopping.

Picking – Because the leaves were turning yellow and the buds were sticky with resin, the plant was ready for picking.

Mela – There were many dances that Tara had forgotten with time, many choices she had forsaken, but this, the jhoda, was a dance that she allowed herself.






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