“This small book of poems has grabbed me around the ankles, and now has made its bed below my heart. Such old wisdom from a blossoming writer! This is the first book of poetry that I have read in one sitting, and then returned to, allowing its questions to sink into me. It is a lovely offering, heartfelt, brilliant, revealing, and heartbreaking. Thank you, Ms. Bhagat! More, please!” – Jake Lorfing, Writer and Photographer

“Her poems remind us of the sorry state we are in right now, despite being at the crossroads…In her heart warming poems, Pragya tries to reflect on these unending waves of change…and then she vivaciously celebrates her own small individual win and pulls her readers to join the celebration. This alone makes that small win not so small anymore.” – Swati Sanyal Tarafdar, Journalist

“This book is guaranteed to move even the strongest of hearts.” – Nazariya, NGO

“My only problem with it? It ended too soon!” – Shruti Ramanujam’s review for This is Lit.

“A melodious autobiography.” – Rahul Bhatnagar


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