city – noun;  a large (polluted, capitalistic, discriminatory) town

a concrete horizon, tetris teeming with missing pieces
deeper it goes, higher and higher
shut out the wars below, build inner peaces
roads littered with frantic shoes
stepping over gutters caste in india
passing by hydrants made in thailand.

pixels smash off public screens
encoding two words
i want
those pants, that shirt, those legs, that body, those smiles, that sass
i want what i do not have
but will someday
if i keep running
like everyone around me
towards and away from bodies
beside and inside bodies
that side and this side bodies
plastic digital displayed live bodies
running to get ahead to survive bodies
sprinting on the stairway that never ends
i eat without taste
i touch without sense
this is the life i dreamed of
where the starving gap between my thighs fattens
feeding on billboard lies.

free discounts, the brown man calls, cheap pizza, the brown man cries
bus tour please? it’s a woman now
from the bronx to broadway and fifth
from malakpet to malabar
each glossy handout pries the slightest opportunity
that her son won’t get shot at school today
that her daughter won’t be raped

a park in the heart of the city, green grass, playgrounds
i lounge in the grass
i swing on the dervish tire
i read, because i can
the high rises hypnotize
the dark-skinned man with the hazel eyes
his laminated board – would you like a tour?
i’ll take you to those pockets of surprise
i’ll give you a special dose of reality devoid of me

there is grandeur in the idea
i’m here because i matter
because i can make it
some day, i will matter
and then i’ll run some more into the frayed pages of the past
together we’ll tell the future
there was a time when i tried to build something better
but i forgot to look, to listen
i forgot what arises must pass
those that win can also come last
is this the life i dreamed of
i dream again
and recreate the history that is yet to come


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